Welcome to ORA, Chicago’s most exciting and progressive dental group. We are on a mission … we hope you are too.

Dentistry redefined.

There is no doubt that the dental profession is entering an exciting new era. Tremendous advances in technology, materials, and protocols have changed the way dental professionals are practicing, and those who do not embrace this wave of change and innovation will simply not prosper in today’s competitive environment. ORA is a visionary dental group with one clear goal – to redefine how oral healthcare services are delivered to the patients we serve. We accomplish this through the perfect synergy of five key elements: 

  • DESIGN – stylish, spa-like interior design and a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere
  • SERVICE – patient ‘touch points’ that deliver a unique and memorable patient experience
  • TECHNOLOGY – state-of-the-art diagnostic, digital, and laser technologies
  • PHILOSOPHY – minimally invasive clinical approach and natural looking results
  • SUSTAINABILITY – environmentally responsible business practices

Experience ORA and you will never look at the dental profession the same way again. We did not invent dentistry, but we are redefining the dental practice.

An evolving profession.

At ORA we understand that we are first and foremost oral healthcare providers. However, through our years of experience developing and growing dental practices we have come to recognize that there is a consumer shift happening that is transforming the dental profession into a customer relations industry. Dentistry is no longer just about what services we offer our patients, rather about how we offer those services. Today’s dental patients are better informed, demanding more, have more options, are more selective, and want a better overall experience.

The dental profession is also experiencing a change in traditional attitudes and practice demands. It is gradually moving away from being a cottage industry of solo dental practices, and evolving towards larger group practices. In a shift that’s redefining traditional thinking about what it means to have a career in dentistry, an increasing number of dentists are opting to work for and partner with dental groups such as ORA. In the past decade, the number of dentists joining dental groups has grown significantly, yet the reasons for joining a group practice are as varied as the dentists themselves. From recent dental school graduates to dentists who have been in practice for many years, dental groups offer a myriad of benefits to dentists at every phase of their careers.