ORA Dental Group at 1K Fulton

There is no doubt that businesses of all types and sizes are increasingly going green. In the U.S., Europe, and around the globe, organizations are realizing what it is to be both successful and sustainable. 1K Fulton is one of the country’s largest commercial real estate development specifically designed for the advancement of green business. 1K Fulton moves the green marketplace from niche to mainstream and provides green companies with strategic opportunities to be more profitable while creating a positive impact on society and the environment.

As the nation’s first and only green dental group it was only natural to select the 1K Fulton, the epicenter of the Midwest green economy, as the home for ORA Dental Studio’s business headquarters.  The ten story, 550,000 sf 1K Fulton is located just minutes west of the Chicago Loop in Chicago’s Fulton Market District with easy access to all of ORA Dental Studio locations. It is also the largest existing development in the nation to be converted in accordance with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), and in 2014 will receive LEED Platinum certification, the highest attainable certification. By bringing together like-minded organizations under one green roof, the 1K Fulton is a dynamic environment that fosters synergies and provides constant opportunities to grow green exponentially.

The 1K Fulton provides an ideal environment for the professional growth of our team members and the ORA organization. ORA’s corporate headquarters at the 1K Fulton includes the following:

  • 3,300 sf state-of-the-art general and specialty dental practice
  • Centralized business administration and operations
  • Centralized clinical training center and continuing education program
  • On-site dental lab that exclusively serves ORA dental practices
  • 75 seat conference room for team training and clinical presentations
  • Expansive event space for organizational meetings and events

Building and green features

  • Large loft-like common foyer to welcome visitors
  • On-site parking and car-sharing service
  • On-site catering services
  • On-site restaurant adjacent to the sky garden
  • Expansive event space that accommodates up to 250 people
  • Access to major Chicago streets and public transportation
  • State of the art green roof
  • 8,000 sf organic sky garden where tenants and visitors can meet, mix and mingle
  • High efficiency heating and cooling system that will reduce building energy use by 22%
  • 41,329 gallon rain cistern allowing storm water to be recaptured and used for irrigation and water features
  • Low toxin (VOC) building paint and stains used throughout to provide clean indoor air quality
  • Indoor air quality is monitored and controlled on all five floors with high efficiency filters and air quality sensors
  • Energy efficient windows that will bathe the building in natural light and help keep the temperature comfortable all year round
  • Green escalator that incorporates occupancy sensors and varying speeds – using 30% less energy than a traditional escalator
  • State of the art recycling system with site sorting on all ten floors